November 24, 2009

Maya Prophecy Of Doom Tribe

Mr. Ma'rufin argues:
"After reading further, the Mayan calendar ending on December 21, 2012 was caused more by the end of the calendar cycle, which is caused by" running out of numbers ". Mayan calendar system based on the number 20 (bi-decimal), unlike other calendar-based number 10 (decimal). Citing articles on ya Avivah Yamani, writing method and his hobbies with the Mayan cycles 13 and 20 and start the Mayan calendar is equivalent to 3114 BCE August 11, the position as the number largest in the Mayan calendar will be equivalent to December 21, 2012. Well after it exceeded, the Mayan calendar does not recognize the number or greater, as it will go back to the position of most aka small numbers. This is what I mean by "running out of numbers" was. So, one day after the December 21, 2012, or on December 22, 2012, the Mayan calendar cycle to start his new with the numbers.

Meanwhile, if the review facts "scientific" said Resurrection 2012 accompanies this issue, most also doubted. Call it for example breakdown of Earth's magnetic field, which has cited the long reach 160,000 km in space as the South Atlantic Anomaly (SAA). While the fact that there is, SAA is an area where the position of the radiation belt, Van Allen closest to the Earth's surface and is due to the viscosity difference between Earth's rocky crust and cover with a layer of Earth's core. Viscosity differences led to differences in rotational speed, which (although very small), has some effect, yes one of them is the emergence of SAA.

As for Yellowstone Caldera is said to erupt massive return (with vomit tephra at least 2 million km3, when referring to the previous eruption) to follow the eruption cycle of 600,000 years, if we check directly to the USGS (the direct monitoring of this caldera), turned out to have a period of Yellowstone The average eruption 640,000 years. If we "saklek" with these numbers, is still an interval of 40,000 years for the Yellowstone to erupt. Although, in vulcanology, who called the period the average eruption was only a benchmark, not a prediction especially for forecasting purposes. Call it for example with the Mount Merapi in Central Java, Yogyakarta. Vulcanology in perspective, this mountain should erupt again because letusannya period 2 - 3 years (with the last eruption in June 2006 earlier), but until now there is not activity that shows the development over there.

In Yellowstone, was in January and recorded the seismic swarm, earthquakes volcanic series indicate magma migration. But seismic swarm interval is very short (only 2 weeks) so that could be translated as the supply of magma is constantly being through the skin to the surface of the Earth to the caldera. USGS called seismic swarm of short duration is common in the Yellowstone Caldera, as well as in other kaldera2 in the world right from Toba (which is also routinely recorded BMKG), Krakatoa and the youngest as Pinatubo.

As to the planet Nibiru, aka planet X is, as I wrote, it cuman old myth of the Babylonian era that can never be proved. If there is a planet called Nibiru that size nearly matching that of Saturn, the planet must have been sticking in the photographic plates of a century ago when Clyde et al Tombaough do systematic search to find Pluto. Especially with the latest technology in which a planet is not only observed in the spectrum of visible light alone, but also with infrared, ultraviolet and radio waves. When today's astronomy technology so powerful even to discover some new planets orbiting neighboring bintang2 aka ekstrasolar planets, so hard to accept if there is a strange heavenly body of Saturn is still hiding in the region of our solar system, in the distance range from the orbit of Pluto to the comet cloud region Oort.

Indeed, as has been written Mr. AR Sugeng R, the biggest potential of the Resurrection is the 2012 hurricane sun, which is the cycle in the period 2011-2012 the Sun's sunspot number reached its peak and correlated directly with high bursts of energetic protons from the surface of the Sun in all directions. Developed mathematical model2 NASA called this storm the sun will equal the 1859 Carrington past events, with damaging effects on telecommunication systems, satellite and electricity. As an illustration, a storm in 1989 the Sun (whose power could deflect a compass needle direction to 7 degrees from magnetic north) cause damage to the Ontario Hydro electricity transformer and caused some of the U.S. and Canada have died up to 9 hours of electricity. Solar storms and in 2011-2012 (which is expected to deflect the compass needle to 15 to 20 degrees), of course, the damage could reach more distant areas, even to the equator.

About celestial collision, indeed our solar system is crossing the field of magic and the Milky Way's gravity will cause perturbasi from our neighbors to bintang2 maximum. The problem, when it was capable of stomping perturbasi millions of objects in the sky mini Oort cloud comets and the Kuiper asteroid belt to turn into comets that bombarded the inner solar system, not currently quantifiable. We just knew it would happen, but when? Not yet known. "


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