April 29, 2010

Let's Talk a Bit About Search Engine Again

Artikel SEO: Approximately 75% - 80 % of website traffic comes through searchengines. What's more, research shows that most people don't look beyond the 2 pages of search result. This means if your websites doesn't rank in the first 2 pages of the major search engines, it's only receiving 20 - 30 % of its rightful traffic and ofcourse revenue. And remember please this note : Being ranked number 1 when you search for your company name or web addres doesn't count. You need to rank highly for the words your customers use at search engine.

Search Engine Result

The biggest concern for search engine companies like Google and Yahoo is finding content that will bring them more traffic and thus more advertising revenue. In other side to say, their result must be relevant. Relevant results makes for a good search engine, and irrelevant results makes for a short-lived search engine.

Most search engine these day return two types of results whenever you click search;

1. Natural or Organic

The "real" search result. The result that most users are looking for and which take up most of the window. For most searches, the search engine display a long list of links to site with content which is related to word you searched for. These results are ranked according to how relevant and inportant they are.


This also called pure advertising. This is how the search engine make their money. Advertiser pay the search engine (like Google Adword) to display their ad whenever someone searches for a word which is related to their product or service information. These ads look similiar to the natural search result, but are normally labeled "sponsored link", and normally take up a smaller portion of the window.

When people use search engine to find something (information, services, content, articles etc) they normally pay a lot more attention to the natural result then he paid result because these paid result are normally more relevant, and they know the "sponsored links" are simply ads. When we talk about search engine ranking, we're talking about ranking well in the natural search result. We do not cover "sponsored links" here.

How search engines dicide what appears in the natural search result?
Take this note pelase : You cannot pay a search engine in return for a high ranking in the natural results. You can only get a high ranking if your content is seen as relevant by the search engines.

search engine identify relevant content for their search results by sending out "spiders" or "robots" which 'crawl' (analyze) your site and 'index' (record) its details. Complex algorithms are the employed to determine whether your site is useful and shlud be included in the search engine's search result.

And here is the nice tip: Think of the search engines as a big election. All the websites in the world are candidates. Your website is your campaign. The link to your websites are votes. The more votes (links) a candidate (websites ro blog) has, the more important it si, and the higher its ranking. Thank you ...

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  1. Pertamaxx mas.
    It's very nice talk. To get more traffic from search engine we must know how "search Engine" working. and than we have to know what can we do for get it....


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