Mei 04, 2010

Meteor Crashed in front of My Garden

[May 2010 - News ]It's not a story about the "meteor garden 'or something, but this is a real event that happened in Indonesia last week. Precisely in Kampung Duren Sawit Jakarta. From various news sources in Jakarta, says that the meteor destroying three houses. But lucky there is no victim in this rare horrible event.

One eyewitness said: "It was about four o'clock. The sky is clouded over. I saw a kind of lightning, the light is very bright in the sky. With high speed, in seconds, the lights went down and grabbed Mr. Sudarmojo house". Residents thought there was an explosion of 'LPG gas cylinder' in the home of one resident. But they heard 'ZZZZIIIIngggg' very hard and was followed by a very very loud explosion.

outer space objects fall to earth had been often heard lately. Dated October 8, 2009 ago, residents of Bone in South Sulawesi, was startled by a fireball that sank in the sky, then explode. The sound of explosions came six times. After that, the mainland such as earthquakes beaten. Villagers Latteko, Bone County, is panic. School children rushed out of class at that time.

Meteorology and Geophysics Agency (BMG) in Makassar, detect vibration in the Southern Cross coordinates 4.68 and 120, 09 East Longitude. Vibration that occurs at a depth of about one kilometer from the top surface of the soil. Vibration magnitude of about 1.9 SR (SkalaRichter).

Another incident, a suspected jet fireball meteor had fallen in Wisconsin, United States, 16 April 2010. Fireball that fell not far from the University of Wisconsin. Department of Atmospheric and Oceanic university had a chance to record a fall of a ball of fire. Preview the video was circulated around the world.

Back to the meteor Duren Sawit jakarta, according to several reliable sources and local government agencies, the meteor is only equal-sized coconuts. Effects arising from the explosion, would not we think that if "the Bomb" is only the size of coconuts. What if a meteor the size of cars?.

Those people may associate this with a virtual tribe doom predictions. They thought the sign marks the final day on 21 December 2010 will soon arrive, and is characterized by a large number of natural phenomena that often occur at this time. Moreover, more, there is a prophecy from Nowhere, which that Jakarta will be bombarded with meteors in May 2010.

But the 'scientists' and meteorologists said, that the meteors fall randomly anywhere. Meteor amount to very much and we will never know, meteors, which reached the earth and are depleted in the air. So also where the meteor would land, if it reached the earth.

And here is another pic from any sources:

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