Maret 05, 2010

How "High Quality Link" Working For Your Online Business Successful

This is actually a simple process, not complicated to explain this. It's also about how to do online business (bisnis online) success goals. High quality link is absolutely necessary in this case. Why? because of the high quality links will come a very potensial visitors (prospects). Then how can this be?. in this case, is also very useful if you play in Google AdSense

As a memory refresher, your blog or website for the purpose of moneymaking is a medium or a place to introduce and promote what is and is eligible to be sold both tangible goods such as computers, furniture, handicrafts, electronics and other and other invisible items, such as machine repair services, maintenance services, web production services, graphic design and online products such as MLM, social gathering, Ebook, software, guides, tutorials. Or it could also be used as a medium to do something stupid like an insult and a fraud.

Well .. how the products sold in your blog or web media can be sold? here is a high quality link is required. Without high quality links .. believe me .. you better not waste your time to play games alone. Products are promoted it will be difficult to sell because the visitors who came from some random link from your prospects are not large, only very useful for rating your visit.

Targets and Prospects
Importance of targets in the online business world is clear .. all webmasters make a clear target. If you want to succeed in business online, you also must do the same thing. Here is the target market of our prospects. Distinguish between visitors and prospective buyers, visitors could have a potential buyer (here I call the prospects), with a record of visitors who come from high quality link.

What do visitors from high-quality links with prospects?
This is where the importance of high quality link, link quality is the best prospect in the world of online marketing and online business (bisnis online). Link most popular high quality comes from good search engine like Google, Yahoo!, And hundreds of other search engines. Why is that? Visitors who come from search engines is the visitors who need and looking for something and then open the search engine and then types keywords in search engine bar. Well, if lucky visitor will arrive at your website and read your offer, and if the visitors interested, they would be doing a transaction, and here, you've successfully made the sale and bring in visitors from high-quality links is not easy. Then, Where they come from?

Search engine
Bring visitors from search engines is the hardest part of online business (bisnis online), here you have to learn a lot about SEO, including about keywords, meta tags, web construction and so forth. This is about how to win the competition or popular terms in the online business campaign. It's about the race for the top position with minimal competition thousands or even billions of your competitors' sites.

Traffic visitors coming from search engines, not just good for your affiliate online business, but also very good for all you are trying to sell in your wesite, like Asense PPC, direct selling of goods and services, and almost everything you try to offer in Your websites..

thank you, may be useful ..
Note: Please tell me if this article looks like written by 10-year-olds and thank.

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  1. oh bgt ya buat SEO agar blh optimal. terima kasih sobat

  2. makasih infonya sob. walau dikit2 kurang nyambung bahasa inggris..hehehe

  3. assalamualaikum sob.. berkunjung malam ni..

  4. Wa'alaikum salam wr wb..makasih kunjungannya Sob..

  5. Wah gak mudeng nih.. Translate dulu ya boss

  6. mantebb infonya mas..
    ditunggu koment baliknya y..

  7. nice info,, salam keanl ya sob,, dati newbie,,, sukses selalu

  8. Thank semua ... @akhatam: translate aja asalnya juga pake bhs Indonesia..trus ditrans jadi inggris, trus muter lagi dech..

  9. Banyak kelemahan yang ditimbulkan dari google translate, salah satunya adalah, google translate tidak mampu memperbaiki tata bahasa, baik itu dari bahasa A ke B, atau dari bahasa B ke A. Dan struktur kata adalah kelemahan google translate...

    Salah satu saya dapatkan di artikel ini (hehe)
    "This is actually a simple process,(it is) not complicated to explain this"

    agak janggal bukan??
    ia, kalo kata inggris kata dosen ku harus ada subjeknya..

    tapi ini sebuah usaha yang keren bro
    I really apreciate your post,
    I hope my coment will inspire you more to be the best...
    Keep writing

  10. @I Made NSW : Holly 1k Thank...soo much.
    I've been waiting for comments and criticisms like this since thousands of years ago. Yes ..! thank again and again.

    Since a long long time ago, I've already know that my English is very bad. so, I was forced to Google translate to do it for me. I think it is look cool if there was an article with English language, isn't it..? Salah lagi ni..pasti..!!

    OK sekali lagi makasih banget I Made NSW. Saya tunggu kritik dan saran lainnya.
    Best Regard for You
    Admin Bisnis Online

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